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Laboratory Equipment

The Labaire range of Laboratory equipment consists of products that primarily control air movement, climate, cleanliness, odours and containment. Each product catagory has a number of different models and specifications. Our products are designed and certified to local and international standards. Custom designs are entertained.

DSC_0547-1600x756Extraction Fume Cabinets: These cabinets have many  different catagories and  models to suite  the  application. Our flagship 'Low Flow Laminar Topographical' cabinets lead the pack and are designed to suite most applications. Models include standard, distillation, perchloric and walk-in cabinets. Various interior linings, work surfaces and fittings are available to your request. 
Interior Liners:  Are manufactured from acid resistant laminate, stainless steel, polypropylene or other material as specified.
Work surfaces: Are manufactured from acid resistant composite material, stainless steel, cermic, polypropylene or other material as specified.
 Alarms & controls: Are available as accessories to monitor air flow, control lighting and other features. 
MicrobiloL4B2_rev2_brochuregical Safety Cabinets: The MSC range is catagorized into Class 1,2 & 3 cabinets. We have different models in each Class. Cabinets range from analogue to digital control with various alarm and control features. All cabinet interiors are from stainless steel #304 and exteriors are epoxy coated mild steel. Each cabinet is individually certified to international standards.
Class 1: Cabi
nets protect the operator and environment.
 Class 2:  Cabinets protect the operator, the product and the environment.
Class 3: Cabinets protect the operator, the product and the environment. The product cannot be handled without glove protection.
 Anaerobic and climatic: Chambers either remove oxygen and/or humidity and are sometimes temperature controlled.
LaminLaminar_Flow_Horizontalar Flow Cabinets: There are two basic types of Laminar Flow Cabinets- Horizontal and Vertical. These are bench mounted or free standing. Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets and Clean Rooms may be sized to suite application. Special applications require cabinets such as Artificial Fertilization Cabinets (Invitro K systems), Etching Stations, Storage Cabinets etc. 
Horizontal Cabinets: The air moves horizontally and does not protect the operator.
 Vertical Cabinets: The air moves verticall downwards. Extraction maybe installed through the work surface for operator protection.
DuctlDuctless_Fume_Cabinetess Fume Cabinets: Ductless or Portable Fume cabinets are used when working with products that emit low solvent, acid, alkalai or odour emissions. They contain the emissions utilizing filtation protecting the environment and operator. Various types of filters are available depending on the emissions. Particulate (HEPA) filters can also be fitted to contain particles. Control and alarms can be fitted from standard to full electronic control.