Mortuary Equipment-Laboratory Furniture

Mortuary Equipment

The Labaire autopsy equipment, furniture and fittings are all manufactured from #304 or #316 stainless steel welded to a smooth seamless finished. Our range of products include from desks, cupboards and other furniture and fittings to basic tables, trolleys, storage facilities, work stations and autopsy tables. We cater for basic mortuaries to Forensic and Anatomical Laboratories. Labaire designs and manufactures all products to international specfications and has a devoted stainless steel factory for these and other similar products.

autopsy_table-_sink_side_extraction_closed_work_surface Autopsy Tables: Our range, from autopsy tables without extraction to tables with central and peripheral extraction,  includes many accessories. Our flag ship Rapid Response table allows a body tray to be placed in the work area and removed once procedures are completed without any body handling,
 Down Flow Benches: Often required with an autopsy table for body part dissection or stand alone benches. These benches are either island or wall type of various sizes and used in different fields such as pathology laboratories. They can have extraction systems installed to remove fumes and harmful airborne particles and germs.

Docking Stations: Wall mounted station with extraction allows a trolley with the cadaver to be docked and post mortem procedures carried out without the necesity of a Down Flow Table. Once completed the trolley returns the cadaver to storage. 

Mortuary Furniture, Fittings and Storage: There are many different stainless steel Free_standing_cabinetfurniture and fittings required in a facility. These include wall and floor cupboards, counter tops, writing desks, racks, clothes lines, door protection, shelving etc. We have designed an array of products required in many different facilities. A brochure is attached to indicate a few of these. Included are different types of storage systems from racking to specimen containers.
Mthatha_cabinets Refrigerated Body Storage: These cabinets come in different sizes and in a chiller and a freezer type. They are manufactured from stainless steel or coated steel with refrigeration sized to suite the unit and its surrounding environment. Body trays are positioned inside and rolled in and out. 
L22EDS-A_docked_embalming_station_1Embalming Station: The process for embalming a cadaver requires both an embalming station with an extraction system and a formalin dispensing unit. The embalming station is often attached to a docking station or a sink.
De-fattening_tank_rear De-Fattening and Macerator Tanks: The process of deriving a bone for storage purposes requires maceration and de-fattening. We manufacture two different tanks for these processes and our specimen storage tanks as described under "mortuary furniture" above.