Hospital Furniture

The Labaire range of Hospital furniture and beds are designed and manufactured to the latest local and world wide trends. Our products are manufactured from coated mild steel to stainless steel and include moulded features such as the bed head and foot units.

Our range of Hospital Furniture

Bedside and Bed End Furniture & Lockers

Our range includes the ICU locker and overbed table. Work top type and colours are selected to suite your needs. All are on swivel and brake castors. Coated mild steel and stainless steel options available. Benches, cupboards, foot stools and other furniture available as per our catalogue.


Maufactured primarliy in stainless steel with coated mild steel and combinations available. The range includes dressing, instrument, anaesthetic, linen and insulated food trolleys with trays and drawers as requested.

Hospital Beds

There is a large range of beds catering for all markets. Our standard bed with no elevation or tilting to a fully operated electronic bed with moulded head and foot boards.
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