Laboratory Furniture

Labaires MODUASM modular laboratory system is designed to provide a flexible solution to equipping an entire laboratory.
We manufacture cabinets in wood and steel and position them in our Modular Aluminium Framework raised off the floor, on castors or plinth type on the slab.

Cabinets may be laterally moved once installed to any position at any given time within the footprint of the bench framework. Our work tops are attached to the support frame with the service spine or stations positioned accordingly. Labaire’s accessory rail, service duct and services conduit together with the ceiling MANTA wing make for a unique lab experience.

We can adapt, modify, extend or change configurations:
Laboratory MODUASM furniture 2020.pdfLaboratory dividing systems v1.pdf
MODUASM Aluminium Framework:

This very important feature provides strength, flexibility, aesthetics taking your laboratory to new heights. Included is our service spine and MANTA ceiling service wing which together bring a real professional touch. You will be amazed.

The Finer Details

Wooden or Steel Furniture:

Carcasses manufactured from from white melamine Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) or Chipboard with the doors usually a different colour of your choice.

Our steel furniture is manufactured from phosphate protected mild steel, painted to a colour of your choice. Stainless steel, polypropylene or other materials are used when required. BLUM motion technology for hinges, runners and drawer systems are used.

Cabinets can be assembled on site and clipped into place. They are easily moveable or removable (except for the plinth type).

There are many configurations of cupboard combinations in standard and non-standard sizes witha focus on drawer systems.

Labaire has a range of inner dividers with many accessories that renders a professional completed installation.
Counter tops:

Our LAB CHEM Phenoilc resin laboratory worktops are our premium range. Coupled with:

Corian synthetic tops of acrylic resin and natural minerals by Du Pont™ and available in many different colours. Granite tops in various colours.

Stainless steel in various grades and finishes. Wooden tops in various types of wood finished in a durable finish to suite.

Our fittings are imported from France and meet all European & international standards.

The Farlab range includes fittings for wet, dry and specialized services.

Emergency showers of various types.
Sinks & drainage:

All sinks and plumbing are of polpropylene material unless otherwise stated.

Sinks are of polypropylene, ceramic or stainless steel.

Drainage is polypropylene with a range of products to complete an entire buildings drainage system.

There are many requirements for accessories which we manufacture locally or import to suit your application.

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