Solid Surfaces & Shop Fitting

Our association with laboratory work tops and cabinetry gave rise to the DBH products. The harsh environment that laboratory furniture is placed has ensured that our range of products for kitchen, bathroom, hospitality and commerce is very well engineered.

Our cabinetry, work tops and furniture are produced and assembled to exacting standards. To compliment these and ensure that a top quality end product is handed over, DBH pulls it all together with robust fasteners and fittings. Our factory is internationally accredited to work with the materials we deliver.
Work tops:

Material selection to suite the application ​​​​​​​with aesthetics, durability and hygene taken into consideration. Once the selection is narrowed down you the client has the final say. Our designer will guide you through what is available and the technicalities of each thus assisting you to make the correct choice. The colour and finish will be largely your signature.

Corian: A seamless engineered solution with many unique properties.

Zodiaq: A quartz material engineered with stone techniques.

Granite: From mother earth engineered, sealed and finished to make a proud statement.

Marble: As with granite except a more refined result.

Stainless Steel: Where hygene prevails.

Real Wood (Hardwood): A selection to be made from the limited resources we have left.
Door and Drawer frontals:

The next most important choice after the Work Top. Once the configuration is decided upon, the type and finish of the frontals will make or break your design. Choose carefully taking aesthetics and durability into your primary concern. Hinges, handles and locating mechanisms are also an important choice.

Melamine: A very common choice applied to MDF and Plywood. Must have a 2mm impact edge applied.

Painted: Gloss or matt finish, your choice of colour is huge.

PVC Wrap: No edging requied in this choice however the range of colours is limited. 

Glass: An important variable in the design.

Stainless Steel: Used as a feature or for resistance to heat, abrasion, water and chemicals.

Real Wood (Hardwood): Ideal to make a statement.
Cabinetry Carcass:

Designed and manufactured in knock down or assembled formats depending on the installation. Configured and sized to suite the application. All white veneered melamine finish unless otherwise stated. Edged to seal against the elements.
Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF): A good particle board choice- stronger than chipboard.
Laminated Plywood: Far better water resistance than particle board.
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